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Tour takes 2,5 hours for 5 km between Old and New Delhi, Delhi Gate and Agrasen ki Baoli.
End of the tour is at only 10 min from Janpath metro station.

- - - - - // 8 - 10.30 am every day // - - - - - 2.30 - 5 pm on Mondays

Morning Tour is available every day at 8 am and must be booked 12 hours in advance.
Afternoon tour is available only on Mondays at 2.30 pm and must be booked by 10 am same day.

Join us on an amazing journey through the streets of New Delhi. Discover the history of Delhi and the seven cities behind, the great dynasty of the Nehru-Gandhi and their tragic deaths. Walk through the dhobi ghat and the life of its washermen. Know everything about the fabulous industry of Bollywood and the famous Indian Railways!

With the perfect mix of information and entertainment, covering history, modern life, and unique personal stories that you won’t hear anywhere else, your tour guide will help you understand the essence of Delhi and Indian culture.

This Free Walking Tour Delhi is brought to you by passionate, engaging, and funny local guides who are more than happy to share their local knowledge with you. And since our guides work on a tips-only basis, you decide how much the tour is worth to you!

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Simar is a real Delhiite in love with the capital. He loves travelling, cricket, and chess.
His passion, share stories!

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Old Delhi - Delite Cinema - Delhi Gate - Ramlilla Maidan - Railway tracks - Dhobi Ghat - Agrasen ki Baoli
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"Whoever tries to build a new city here will lose his kingdom”

And what is the last city built here and who did it? New Delhi by the British!

Indira Gandi

The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

From Jawaharlal to Sonia, the incredible political family whose lives are linked to the history of Modern India.

Gods and traditions

Gods and traditions

You will finally understand why so many trees are growing on the building of the capital!

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Visit Delhi like never before! Thorough guide to every monument in the city, markets and insiders, Hindi practical dictionary, a food guide and a calculator to finally know the real cost of a rickshaw ride.

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